Cornerstone Baptist Church is blessed to support the following missionaries:






Birch and Connie Champeon (We are their home/sending church)

Baptist Mid-Missions, Bibles International

Birch and Connie Champeon

The Champeons serve in several countries partnering with local Christian leaders to translate the Bible into native languages, often providing the Word of God for the first time ever in a given language. This involves the building and utilization of technology as well as linguistics and literacy training.


Carlyles 2015






Michael and Julie Carlyle


Baptist Mid-Missions, Cambodia

Michael, Julie and their family arrived on the field of Cambodia in September, 2009. They studied the Khmer language and culture in Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh, for a year and a half until March, 2011. At that time, they moved to the central province of Pursat to do evangelism, discipleship, church planting and church strengthening among Cambodia’s rural population where they remain until the present.


Paul and Sandy Jewell

Baptist Mid-Missions, Campus Bible Fellowship, NY

The Jewells serve with Campus Bible Fellowship in Syracuse, NY. They minister to college students at Syracuse University and a local Community college through Bible studies and outreach events.








Roy and Karen Kinney

Baptist Church Planters, Millbury, MA

The Kinneys are serving with Baptist Church Planters in Millbury, MA at Pinecrest Baptist Church. Their goal is to see the Word of God change lives in the greater Worcester area by seeing people saved, baptized and added to the local church.