Real Foundations

The Real Foundations ministry is a pair of Wednesday evening kids’ programs designed to raise up generations firmly grounded in Biblical truth through real life lessons.


Age 3 – Kindergarten

The Explorers class uses a fun, hands-on mix of history lessons, interesting science experiment object lessons, and fun games to teach Biblical lessons.


Grades 1 – 6

Often, children don’t see the Bible as real-life, historical fact with direct implications for their own lives. The Builders club was created to supplement the Sunday morning lessons with real-life lessons that make Biblical accounts come to life–lessons that firmly place Bible characters in recorded history rather than giving the impression of a mythical “once upon a time” fairy tale.

The key verse for our Builders vision is I Timothy 6:19: “storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of life indeed.”

Here are some examples of Wednesday evening Builders activities:

  • Colored & labeled maps of Biblical places in Gen 1-11.
  • Constructed a time line running from Eternity Past through Eternity Future to which we add Biblical & historical events as we study them.
  • Studied animal taxonomy, using a boatload of stuffed animals, helped us envision the job Adam was given in the garden of naming the original created kinds, also which kinds Noah took on ark.
  • Looked at ancient shipbuilding techniques as discovered by archaeologists & carved mortise & tenon planks as Noah could have used to build the Ark.
  • Investigated pre-flood technology of Jubal & Tubal-cain, noticing differences between the school for metal working described in Genesis and the popular “cave man” notion of early man today. We also did an art project using copper sheeting to help us remember how civilized ancient man really was.
  • Had story time, reading several flood legends from around the world, noticing how the true account of the flood was changed as it was handed down to subsequent generations, and how these consistent widespread stories relate to Tower of Babel. Learned to paint Chinese characters which depict Biblical flood.
  • Studying the Dead Sea and the salt wasteland around it where Sodom & Gomorrah were.
  • Digging into the excavation of Abraham’s home town of Ur.
  • Building a Biblical view of dragons, dinosaurs, and the ice age.