Cornerstone Steeple

In the summer of 1989 approximately twenty adults and many children recognized that God was leading them to form a Bible believing, fundamental, and independent church in the Camden – Rockport area of Maine. The group was Baptistic in faith and practice and was determined to organize a local New Testament Baptist Church. A name for this church to be was chosen and the testimony of Cornerstone Baptist as a fellowship began.

Initially this small group met in participants’ homes. During the fall of 1989 the meetings were moved to the American Legion Hall in Camden and occasionally at the Lions Den also in Camden. Regular services were conducted on Sundays and Wednesdays with various men in the group leading those services.

By the fall of 1990 a strong doctrinal statement and by-laws had been developed and approved by those participating in the group. In late 1990 the group issued a call for a pastor for this new church. Timothy Gillam accepted the call to be the first pastor. In February 1991 Pastor Tim Gillam assumed the pastoral duties, deacons had been selected, a statement of faith agreed upon, and the by-laws for governance had been adopted. Cornerstone Baptist Church now met the Biblical requirements for a local New Testament church.

During the years from 1991 to 1997 the church continued to meet at the American Legion Hall in Camden. Membership grew and the church prospered. A building fund was established so that funds could be accumulated for a formal church building. God greatly blessed the desire to have a building of our own and a piece of property was purchased in 1997 on Cobb Road in Camden. Construction on a new church building began in the spring of 1998. The building was completed late that year and the first services of Cornerstone Baptist Church of 164 Cobb Road, Camden were held in December of 1998.

Pastor Tim Gillam has continued to shepherd Cornerstone Baptist Church until the present. God has blessed our ministry during these years. We have also been blessed recently with a large influx of young married couples and as a result we have had a great increase in the very young folks. In 2008/9 a remodeling of a portion of the building was done to increase the nursery capacity, provide for more classroom space, and increase the efficiency of our kitchen to be better able to provide for fellowships and quality of every member of this local church.